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Click Here for Flyer. What can your donation do at the Ahtna Heritage Foundation? Many great things! It can help foster educational opportunities for Ahtna youth, preserve and promote the rich Ahtna culture and heritage, and help us to implement valuable youth development programs. You can help by supporting our:

  • Scholarship Program! You could help an Ahtna student attend college that may otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.

  • C’ek’aedi Hwnax! (Legacy House – Culture Center) Help us preserve and exhibit the cultural resources of our people, and encourage cultural education for visitors to the area.

  • Culture Camps! Help people learn more about our traditional ways by supporting one of the camps held throughout the region. Help provide cultural instruction, logistical and financial support, and other assistance to up to eight villages that hold a camp each year.

  • Language Program! You could be a part of ensuring that the Ahtna language does not become extinct. Help us revitalize the Ahtna language, through programs such as the Phrase of the Day, the Language Master-Apprentice Program, and the Ahtna Language Gatherings. Help in the creation of an Ahtna Language Teacher Development Program to develop teachers to learn and work with our Elders to teach students of all ages.

  • Student Incentive Program! Help to build a child’s self-esteem through recognition of their academic success. Support student incentive events, drawings, and awards to those who are doing well in school and in the community.

  • Ahtna Heritage Dancers! Help the dancers to continue to attend cultural activities. This group of students is passionate about learning their traditional ways, language, songs and dances. They continue to raise funds to help cover the costs to travel across the state performing in various venues as well as becoming a staple in the local traditional potlatches.

  • Staedze’ & Scele Mentorship Program! Help to build a positive influence into a child’s life. This program pairs older students with a Staedze’ (younger sister) or a Scele (younger brother) as well as with an adult mentor. Support both the older students, who serve as a role model, and to the young students, who have someone to look out for them and help them when needed.

  • And finally, our Endowment Fund! You could be a big part of helping us to be better prepared for the future. AHF is actively soliciting contributions to build our endowment fund so we can be self-sustaining by the year 2025.

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